Developments at Inka

There are two big developments at Inka, we want to inform our partners about. The first one is the new dyeing machine, that has been used since November. With the new machine we are able to dye with bigger volume compared to our previous dyeing machine. Polyester, polyamide, cotton, acetate and viscose are the materials that can be dyed with the new machine. The maximum width is 300 mm, and speed 10 – 30 meters in a minute.

The other development is the new IBS Enterprise ERP system from Iptor Supply Chain Systems, that will be implemented in the beginning of 2017. New system enables us to focus on our core business and add value for customers by decreasing lead time, increasing delivery reliability and improving customer service, because with IBS Enterprise it is easier to control and manage different processes. The system has been developed especially to manufacturing business environment. It covers all the processes from supply chain planning and management to bookkeeping. We will also implement Apix e-invoicing in the beginning of 2017.

Roof renovation at Inka

Signing of the construction contract. In the picture Reijo Vehmasaho, chairman of the real estate company Virtain Inkantie 62 (right) and Esa Hietakangas from Länsikate Oy.

The factory hall roof of 5,000 m2 will be renovated during the summer of 2016. Also the thermal insulation of the roof in the factory and the office will be improved.

Management Buy Out


Funds managed by Midinvest, Kari Haipus and Markku Penttilä have sold all their shares in the company to the Inka management team and Plan Partners Group Oy. Midinvest-funds have been the major shareholder of Inka Oy since 2005.