Pia Kaartinen appointed as Inka’s plant manager

Pia Kaartinen has started as Inka’s plant manager in January. She is a professional in the textile and clothing industry and has been working mainly with various technical textiles and workwear since 1995. Pia’s main areas of responsibility at Inka will be production and its development, product development and material procurement.

Pia says that her interest in textiles and their manufacture began at a very early stage when her grandmother taught her how to crochet. “Thanks to Grandma, I learned to crochet before I could write and I am still on that path”, she notes. However, her writing skills have also developed over the years when she was studying textile technology. Pia has a master’s degree in textile engineering.

As a person with a textile background, Pia thinks it is great to join the Inka team, which has a very long history of making ribbons and webbings in Finland. “I look forward to being able to take advantage of my textile education and work experience in my new role”, she says.

We warmly welcome Pia to the Inka team!

Band production with environmental responsibility

Our goal is to develop our processes so that we burden environment as little as possible. This means minimized pollution, cleaner air and tighter waste water control. In our production we aim at low energy and reduced water consumption. Our environmental commitment can perhaps best be seen through practical measures such as changing oil heating to wood chip pellets, switching fluorescent lamps to LED lightning and by investing into machinery which use less water and electricity. At present INKA is in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 environmental certificate due to be granted in the spring of 2020.

Roof renovation at Inka

Signing of the construction contract. In the picture Reijo Vehmasaho, chairman of the real estate company Virtain Inkantie 62 (right) and Esa Hietakangas from Länsikate Oy.

The factory hall roof of 5,000 m2 will be renovated during the summer of 2016. Also the thermal insulation of the roof in the factory and the office will be improved.

Management Buy Out


Funds managed by Midinvest, Kari Haipus and Markku Penttilä have sold all their shares in the company to the Inka management team and Plan Partners Group Oy. Midinvest-funds have been the major shareholder of Inka Oy since 2005.